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Below you will find information about the light fixtures we use
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Welcome to our Streetlight section. In these next couple of pages you'll find of examples of some of our work. If you don't see what you are looking for, feel free to call us at 215-675-2712 or email us at

There are four pages in this section so be sure to visit them all. Below is page one and it contains the standard wooden poles with colonial fixtures. Page two is full of more decorative examples. Page three consists of accessories and street signs which mount on the decorative poles. Page four has parking lot lighting, sports lighting, and any other outdoor lighting.

The most common street light we install is a 100W High pressure Sodium Colonial Head arm mounted to a 12' wooden pole w/ a concrete base. The concrete base has several benefits over direct burial, but most importantly, extended life and easier to repair. The lights are efficient and long lasting, so they have become the standard in most townships. There are several variations of this light / pole combinations. Some of the most common are listed here, but contact us if you are looking for something else.

We recommend the 247 Series American Revolution post top fixture by American Electric Lighting. It's inexpensive and very dependable. The housing is made of die cast aluminum and comes in powder coated black, bronze, and gray. It is available in 50w to 150w HPS, 175w MH, and 100w to 175w MV.

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Our most common setup is the wooden pole to the left and it's used alongside roadways and at intersections. It has a single powder coated aluminum arm and a powder coated steel foot which mounts to our concrete base. To the right is a double headed pole which works well in an island. We can also remove the arm and top mount the fixture.

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We also use this head on non-wooden poles. The pole on the left is a fiberglass pole which will stay newer looking longer. The pole on the right is an aluminum pole with a cast aluminum foot and skirt. The end result is a much dressier look, and it gives the appearance of a full cast pole without the expense.

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