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Each lighting situation requires a specific type of lighting. Shoebox fixtures are extremely popular, reliable, and provide excellent light for parking areas. They are available from all of the major manufacturers and have numerous options available which determine the type of light and direction/area of coverage. Some situations require specialty lighting and the basic shoebox just not enough. To help attract more customers, car dealerships demand bright concentrated white light across the front row of cars. For night game play, sports fields need even perimeter lighting over a large area. We know what you need. Just let us know what you want illuminated and we'll find the perfect lighting solution for you.

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Pole and Fixture Manufacturers
Visit their Website Spaulding Lighting : For over a quarter century we have been the dominant factor in the commercial lighting industry. We have accomplished this position by aggressively responding to a changing industry with new and innovative designs of the highest caliber craftsmanship.
Visit their Website Hubbell Lighting : Our lighting products are founded on a 100 year tradition of excellence. Our total quality management program and ISO 9002 certification means we are dedicated to the meeting your needs, whether it's engineering a new product or on-time delivery.
Visit their Website LSI Lighting Systems : Solutions for every external area lighting need. LSI Lighting Systems offers a complete line of lighting fixtures, poles, and brackets to satisfy a limitless range of applications, both functionally and aesthetically, to enhance safety and security and the overall image of any site.

If you are putting in a parking lot, you are going to want some shoebox fixtures. They are inexpensive and durable yet provide ample lighting for security and safety for those parking at night.

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YMCA Island
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1 : LSI Citation (3)
2 : LSI Citation (FT)

Though they all look the same, there are different types of shoeboxes available to light different areas. We will layout your lot so that you'll get the most amount of coverage with the least amount of poles. Direct burial fiberglass poles will work in some situations, but other times you'll require concrete bases with steel poles for added strength.

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Doylestown Park
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Septa Exton
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Prestige Autos
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3 : Spaulding Newark
4 : Spaulding Cambridge
5 : Spaulding Cordova II
6 :

Automotive sales areas are different from any other parking lot. They should be uniformly illuminated with a true white light ensuring that the vehicles look the same color at night under the lights as they do during the day in the sun. You'll want an extremely bight light across your front line, showcasing those cars and ensuring that everyone passing by will take notice that you are open for business.

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Brandow Warminster
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Great Britains Jaguar

7 : LSI Greenbriar (medium)
8 : LSI Greenbriar (large)

We do all kinds of different outdoor lighting like township roadways, sports fields, parks, and pavilions. You've certainly seen cobrahead fixtures along the highway. We can mount them to an existing wooden pole, your building, or a new pole installed just for you light. We often light roadways by mounting a cobrahead on a 25' spun aluminum pole. If you need us to install a temporary service for your trailer, we can place a cobrahead on the same pole.

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Colonial Manor
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Log College Jr High Soccer Field

9 : American Electric Cobrahead
10 : Hubbell Sportsliter

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