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What you are really hiring HGH for is street light installation and we have crews that specialize in it. You can expect quality and efficient workmanship that will last for years and years. We meet and exceed township regulations while providing you with attractive affordable lighting in your residential development. You will also get the peace of mind that comes with our one year guarantee. Our work is done right and we stand behind it. You'll be happy to know that our installations keep the future in mind, making additions, upgrades, and repairs easy and inexpensive. This is only part of what makes us different than the other guys. Scroll down to learn a little more about our installations.
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Typically each street light has it's own feed provided by the electric company, and since they charge you for electric per number of feed points, this can become costly. We recommend inter-connecting your street lights to reduce the number of feed points and therefore reducing your electric cost. For long life and to reduce the cost of possible future repairs, we install our underground USE cable inside SCH40 PVC conduit and identify it with marking tape. All trenches are at a minimum depth of 24" and all connections are made with weather proof connectors inside pencell junction boxes. This insures that our connections are safe and reduces the chances of the lines ever being hit by other contractors or the home owner.
NOTE : Some townships call for SCH80 PVC conduit and Quazite junction boxes. We'll be sure to meet all local requirements.

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24" deep trench
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SCH40 PVC with 2x#6 & 1x#10 USE

As an alternative to direct burial poles, we recommend poles to be base mounted. This keeps the pole from rotting and helps protect it from lawn mowers and weed wackers. Base mounted poles are also easier to keep straight, and cost less to replace in case of a knock down. To mount the poles, we drill 18" x 36" holes, fill them with concrete, and add four 18" x ¾" galvanized anchor bolts.
NOTE : Base and anchor bolt dimensions vary with different poles and townships.

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drilling the 18"x30" hole
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forming the base

Each light has several fragile parts, so to avoid damage we leave the parts boxed and assemble the street lights on site.

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assemble pole

set pole

Tired of waiting for other contractors? We work around your schedule, installing street lights all year long. Poles are bolted to the concrete base for a secure level fit. Whenever possible, the poles are stood by hand once again to protect your investment. A crane or bucket truck is typically used for taller and or heavier poles.

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standing pole

wiring pole

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