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Welcome to the Harry G Hey & Sons website. We are electrical contractors located in Bucks County Pa specializing in outdoor lighting. We'll install residential street signs and lighting for your suburban developments, sports lighting for your new park, and parking lot lighting for your office complex or car dealership. You can find our work north into Leigh Valley, east into New Jersey, and as far south as Delaware County. We've installed street lights in hundreds of suburban developments for developers large and small. Check out the Developments page for some samples of our projects.

All of our lighting work comes with a 1 year guarantee. If there are any problems with the lights, we'll be right out to tend to them, free of charge.

Building an upscale residential development? Let us install decorative cast aluminum street lights and traffic signs to give it an upscale look. You can find samples of our most common light fixtures on the Street Lights page.

NOTE: This webpage is 20 years old. Other than our email, none of it has been updated. That means you'll see builders listed that shut down years ago, lighting manufactureres that have been bought out multiple times, and developments that are old enough that they are ready to have their lighting updated. Yes, I should update it but it's quaint. besides, it's shows how our company has been specializing in streetlighting and other commercial electric for decades.

Email - HeyAndSons@gmail.com